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My name is Anna, a naturally gifted 12th Generation Master Psychic. I have helped thousands of people in my many years of practice.

I help with all matters of life, love, health, past, present, future, addiction, confusion and so much more.  Together we can discover the issues that have been holding you back and answer your lingering questions.

I love what I do and my gift.  Due to it I have the joy of helping people through their struggles. What makes me different from other psychics is that I do try to answer all your questions but I'll also answer the questions that are never asked.  

We all get lost, let me help you find your way.........


Psychic Readings

Is a life reading, giving insight predictions and guidance

Palm Readings

For past, present and a  good outline of your future path

$20 - $40
Tarot Cards

Gives guidance in many areas of your life, including love, life and career

Crystal Readings

Crystal energy is used to open you up and break through your preconceptions

Chakra Balancing

Balances your 7 main energy sources in your body

Meditation Sessions

Helps you understand yourself and prioritize your values by tapping into your own psychic abilities

"I was so upset the day I called Anna.  Everything in my life seemed like it was falling apart and somehow she knew. I admit I've used psychics in the past but this is the first time I truly felt connected if that makes sense to anyone. Anna has help me so much since that day"

Jenna Melo

"Was in a relationship for 3 years and everything started to go wrong and I really didn't know what to do. I called Anna and one she's was so kind and friendly, just hearing her voice seemed to lift a bunch of weight off of my shoulders. She truly helped me and am happy to say I'm getting married. Thank you Anna so much xoxoxo"

Crystal Anderson

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9501 Richmond Ave

Houston Texas


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